What We Expect from You: We are looking for hard-working people with a good attitude, who set goals for themselves and have a genuine desire to succeed in life. Our employees should always set a good example, treat others as they want to be treated and represent themselves in a professional manner. We expect our employees to always do what’s right… especially when nobody is watching. We expect our employees to care, be prideful, take initiative, listen, and ask good questions.

What You Should Expect from Us: You should expect to be given every opportunity to succeed and be encouraged to always reach your highest potential. You should expect to work hard, but also be appreciated for it. You should expect to earn a fair and competitive wage and be given the proper tools and resources to do your job. Lastly, you should always be treated fairly and with given proper respect.

Job Description: We are looking for an experienced irrigation service manager, career minded and highly motivated with at least 5+ years’ experience and a clean driver's license, who is looking to make a long-term commitment for a permanent position in the irrigation and landscaping industry. Salaried position with commissions and paid vacation.

Ideal Candidate responsibilities and duties include:

  1. Selling and Scheduling Installations
  2. Client Relations
  3. Supervising and Supporting Employees
  4. Maintaining Quality Control
  5. Management of production for our service division. This will include scheduling daily routing and overseeing of crews to insure that service is being properly and efficiently performed.
  6. Hands on trouble shooting and servicing as required.
  7. Instructing, guiding and assisting employees as necessary.
  8. Ensuring that clients are satisfied completely through good communication and relationship building skills including walk-through’s and working closely with property owners.
  9. Building an outstanding production team. This requires developing employees and working with employees to build and support a team environment.
  10. Ensuring a safe environment for employees and customers.
  11. Responsible for maintaining paper work.
  12. Must have at least a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the irrigation and/or landscape industry.
  13. Experience and a proven track record are key

To be considered for this position, you must have the following:

  1. Must have understanding and implementing blueprints for new irrigation systems
  2. Must be able to operate a trencher, multi-meter, and wire tracer
  3. Must be attentive to customer service needs and recommend appropriate upgrades to systems
  4. Must maintain detailed record keeping of services and turn them in daily
  5. Must be able to supervise 2-4 person crew as well as work efficiently on your own
  6. Must possess the ability and desire to train crew members in all aspects of irrigation
  7. Must maintain excellent customer service and communication skills with employees, clients, vendors and management.
  8. Must utilize labor, materials, supplies and equipment in an efficient manner.
  9. Must upkeep an inventory of irrigation parts.
  10. Must be capable of installation, repair, diagnostics and maintenance of irrigation systems.
  11. Must be able to make necessary repairs and adjustments to maintain all systems in proper working condition.
  12. Must be able to conduct regular system inspections and performs troubleshooting exercise.
  13. Must be able to diagnose problems with electrical meters and pumps
  14. Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including weekends, holidays and evenings, as required.
  15. Must be able to perform heavy manual labor for extended periods, often under hot and humid conditions.
  16. Must be able to operate a company vehicle and possess the required license.
  17. Must be able to make estimate and sell irrigation services.
  18. Must have at least five years’ experience in irrigation operations management
  19. Must be proficient in irrigation design and be able to create accurate as built irrigation designs
  20. Must have working knowledge of how to access information about irrigation regulations, codes and all individual city permitting and inspection processes
  21. Must be self-motivated, detail oriented, responsible and able to work under pressure while meeting strict deadlines.
  22. Must possess professionalism, attention to detail and a commitment to customer care
  23. Bilingual/Spanish is a plus.
  24. Backflow Certified a plus
  25. Irrigators License or Technicians License a plus

This is a field position dealing with both customers, and company crews. Salary will be based upon your experience. Monthly commission and/or bonuses will be based on the sales you make and accounts you manage. Those who service their client accounts and are proficient in their field will have the opportunity to generate high sales and make monthly revenue for themselves and the company. Greenstar Landscaping is an aggressive, hands on, hard charging company, so if you will not get dirty we are not the place for you. Your daily routine may not always require you to have a shovel in your hands, however, you will jump in if needed to assist your crew in getting the job done--that is the attitude we require. If you want to work hard and reap the rewards for that work, then we are for you. If you are in this industry you already know the hours can be long and you are always working in either hot or cold weather. We are looking for the right person with initiative and leadership abilities. Someone who can step up to the plate and carry their own weight - this is a must not an option! Greenstar would like to hire an experienced irrigation service manager to help run and expand our Irrigation division. We are looking for someone with the skills and knowledge to design and price residential and commercial irrigation systems. Good candidates will have a track record of success and come to the job with a strong understanding of how to plan, price, and execute successful installations, manage personnel, and improve productivity.

Please only apply if you meet the criteria listed above.
Phone calls welcome once online application has been filled out and resume sent.
We will contact you to schedule an interview if we feel you would be a good match 

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"Peter himself came out and did a full inspection; he took his time and was incredibly thorough. After a full analysis of our property, our lawn’s needs, the pump’s condition and the vision we had for future landscaping, Peter not only came up with a great plan but his team carried it out to a “t”. There was a lot of work to be done; new trenches dug, all sprinkler heads replaced, basically a whole new layout including a new pump. The job came out beautifully- "

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