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Greenstar Landscaping is a full service landscaping company specializing in residential landscape design and installation using native and tropical plants.

The key to a successful landscape is planning – and planning your landscape project with a solid design is essential, whether you are renovating your current landscape or starting with bare soil. Whether you choose to finish your entire landscape project at once or would like to work in stages, Greenstar Landscaping will cover all aspects of your landscaping project. We, at Greenstar Landscaping, take pride in our ability to design and install quality landscaping at reasonable prices. (Minimum $5,000)

Our experienced crew employs the highest standards for landscape installation and maintenance and gives your property the special care which you demand. We work with each client on an individual basis, making sure to take into account your property’s existing elements along with the environmental conditions and melding those with how you plan to use your property and your budget considerations.

The art of landscaping can greatly increase the value of your property and your landscape is one of the first impressions that your home presents.

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To keep your garden developing properly, Greenstar Landscaping provides specialized maintenance on an as-needed basis, or as a bi-annual or quarterly service. Our experienced staff will clean, prune, and shape your garden, mulch and fertilize, and add seasonal planting, or replacement planting as your garden grows.

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Angie's List Review: Howard Feinberg

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Description Of Work:

Prepped entire property for landscaping. Removal of all sod, lower level ornamental plants and palms. Removed & trimmed trees, installed new landscaping that included approx. 20 new trees and a couple hundred plants.

Member Comments:

From start to finish the project took approximately 6 weeks - on schedule. The working team was great and very friendly. Our project was a little out of the ordinary in that we wanted an environment that would entice monarch butterflies and pollinating bees which are all good for the environment. We already have two cocoons with one ready to hatch into a monarch butterfly any day now! We also wanted a variety of trees to provide berries and seed for birds. We also planted a pomegranate, starfruit and fig tree. Also a bay rum tree whose leaves smell delicious. There is fragrance throughout the entire front & back yard which is very pleasant.

A raised bed garden was also installed with it's own irrigation - no more forgetting to water the garden! Peter gave us everything we wanted & more. We wanted a wow factor and we got it. We receive compliments from neighbors & strangers who happen to pass by the house.

If you have the need for a landscape job, contact Greenstar , they are your one stop shop!

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What Our Clients Are Saying ...

"The job went fantastic. The owner of Greenstar, Peter, came out and correctly diagnosed the problem himself. The job required removing some very nice brickwork from my driveway in order to replace the required components of the well/pump system, and I imagined the worst. But the crew replaced the brick afterward and it looked just as good or better than before. Would use again."

"Peter has done work at both my current home (large lot), and my previous property (small lot). He did a fantastic job on both and I would highly recommend him for all you landscaping needs."

"Greenstar is a great company. They come when they say they will, and get the job done quickly."

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