Quarterly Landscape Maintenance

Quarterly Landscape Maintenance Miami

Our quarterly lawn services will vary from season to season and from lawn to lawn. We adapt our seasonal maintenance based on several factors: time of year, customer’s wishes, and the needs of the property. These visits may include weed control, fertilizations, pruning of shrubs and trees, pest control/prevention, mulching, general clean-up and upkeep of landscaping. In some landscaping plans, this may also include removal and replacement of annuals, re-sodding bare lawn areas, fertilizing your lawn, and other specific upkeep as desired by the customer.

Winter Yard Maintenance

Winter yard maintenance usually includes winter leaf clean-up and disposal. This is also the time for rose and fruit tree pruning and the application of dormant oil for the prevention of disease and pests. Towards the end of winter, it is also advised to aerate your lawn for optimum spring growth. Winter fertilization is also key for proper spring growth.

Spring Yard Maintenance

Spring maintenance usually comprises of an inspection of winter damage, trimming away dead areas of landscaping, check of irrigation/sprinklers for breakage, and spring fertilization. It may also comprise of extra vitamin boosts for fruiting trees (including citrus), rose bushes, and other sensitive plants. Preventative measures for weeding may also be used at this time, such as landscape fabric under new mulch to stop weeds from penetrating.

Summer Yard Maintenance

Weeding and weed control measures are usually utilized during summer. Pruning of bushes and trees as needed. At this time, you may also need to replace annual plants or plant new growth before fall and winter come. Inspections for pest problems in flower beds and gardens, pest control and prevention measures can be utilized. Summer lawn fertilization treatments for sustained growth are also applied.

Fall Yard Maintenance

Fall maintenance measures are mostly preparatory. These can include lawn renewal, lawn fertilizing, preparing the garden/flowerbed for winter, and beginning of seasonal leaf clean-up.

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